Serendipity Homes: Building Its own History

Serendipity Homes: Building Its own History

With no history of construction in his family, Steven Weiner has had to open all of his own doors and let the quality of his work be his calling card into the competitive custom home and renovation industry.

Steven realized his love of building at an early age. He was always building things such as skateboard ramps for the children in the neighborhood. He was also the go-to kid in the neighborhood if you needed something fixed or built. But most importantly, Steven remembers going onto building sites of the subdivision where he and his family lived and hanging around with the carpenters and tradesmen who were working there.

“As a kid, I would visit the work sites on weekends and hang out with the carpenters,” says Steven. “They would show me how to swing a hammer and do other things.”

His desire to build was almos curtailed once he hit university. His high school guidance counselors wanted him to pursue a white collar profession, while Steven had already recognized his overwhelming desire to build things. His one-time vision of being a lawyer was put aside because the desire to build was too strong. It was what he had to do.

With no real connections in the building industry, Steven was left with no choice but to start his own building company during the summer. He found he couldn’t get a job even pushing a broom with a builder, so he took the chance and started building on his own.

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